Text Properties in CSS

The color property in CSS is used to change the color of text.
Color specification is as same as described in Changing background color using CSS.(check for reference)

To select a specific color for text on whole page, it is described in the body selector.
We can specify separate color for each selector as well.

Text Alignment

The text-aling property is used to set the horizontal alignment of any text. It's values can be center, left, right and justify

Have a look on some paragraphs: 

Text Decoration:

Text decoration property is used to set or remove decorations from the texts. 
This property is mostly used to remove underlines from the links for designing purposes. 
However, we can do a lot with this like, Line-Through, over-line, under-line.
The syntax to use this property is given below:

Text Transformation:

Text Transformation property is used to specify uppercase and lowercase letters in a text. 
We can also capitalize a paragraph, if we want. 

Want to download all example's files to test on your browser? Click Here.

Want to check more examples of CSS Text Properties? Click Here.


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