Inserting Image in Background Using CSS

As in HTML we can specify any image as background for any element using CSS.
By default image is set to repeat. So, that it covers the whole element.
We can specify a background image as follows:
Check this out: http://css3wdesign.net16.net/back.html

Below is the example of a bad combination of background image and text.
The text is barely readable in the above example.

Horizontal And Vertical Repeat:

By default, image is set to repeat both horizontal and vertical. But you can control this behaviour too. 
To set an image to repeat only horizontal (repeat-x):

In this link image is set to repeat only vertically (repeat-y) : http://css3wdesign.net16.net/repeatv.html

Set Position and no-repeat:

We can specify too, that whether to repeat an image or not. 
The code snippet given below will set image not to repeat. 

Sometimes we need to specify some position for an image too. 

Shorthand Property:

We can manage all of these things in a single line of code:

To do so, the order of property values is:
  • background-color
  • background-image
  • background-repeat
  • background-attachment
  • background-position
It doesn't matter if any of the property value is missing. 

Download all example files given above: background-image.rar


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