CSS list-style-type Property (All Values - Table)

A complete description of all of the values of   list-style-type :

Value Description
disc Default Value. The marker is a filled circle.
armenian The marker is traditional Armenion numbering.
circle The marker is a circle.
cjk-ideographic The marker is a plain ideographic numbers.
decimal The marker is a number.
decimal-leading-zero The marker is a number with leading zero (01, 02, 03 etc)
georgian The marker is traditional Georgian numbering.
hebrew The marker is traditional Hebrew numbering.
hiragana The marker is traditional Hiragana numbering.
hiragana-iroha The marker is traditional Hiragana iroha numbering.
katakana The marker is traditional Katakana numbering.
katakana-iroha The marker is traditional Katakana iroha numbering.
lower-alpha The marker is lower-alpha (a, b, c, d etc. )
lower-greek The marker is lower-greek.
lower-latin The marker is lower-latin (a, b, c, d etc.)
lower-roman The marker is lower-roman (i, ii, iii, iv etc.)
none No marker is shown.
square The marker is a square.
upper-alpha The marker is upper alpha (A, B, C, D etc)
upper-latin The marker is upper latin (A, B, C, D etc)
upper-roman The marker is upper roman (I, II, III, IV etc)
initial Sets this property to its default value.
inherit Inherits this property from its parent element.
This example explains all above examples: http://css3wdesign.net16.net/all-bullets.html

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